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Bus Accidents: Seeking Justice and Compensation for Victims

Bus accidents present unique challenges in seeking justice and compensation for victims. With

multiple parties involved and often severe or fatal injuries, navigating the aftermath of a bus accident might be challenging. At Goldleaf Law PLLC, we’ve come up with an overview of what differentiates bus accidents from other types of accidents and what steps you should take if you have become a victim of one.

Compensation Available

In Pennsylvania, victims of bus accidents are entitled to seek compensation in the following areas:

● Past and future medical expenses

● Lost wages due to injury-related work absences

● Pain and suffering

Parties Involved

While car accidents often involve only two parties, a bus accident can encompass a multitude of individuals and entities. These may include the bus driver, the bus company or operator, maintenance and repair companies, and various government agencies responsible for road safety.

Please keep in mind that if the accident involves a SEPTA bus, different laws and protections apply in Pennsylvania.

Responsibility of the Bus Driver

Negligence on the part of the driver, such as speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving, or disregarding traffic laws, can lead to a bus accident. In these cases, legal claims should name the negligent bus driver.

Obligations of Bus Companies (Operators)

Bus companies must do due diligence in hiring competent drivers and maintaining the quality of their fleet. Failures in these obligations can lead to accidents, holding them liable for the resulting injuries. Additionally, bus operators may be legally accountable for their drivers' negligent behaviors.

Role of Maintenance and Repair Companies

Bus operators often contract maintenance and repair work to external companies. Inadequate maintenance procedures that overlook potential defects can contribute to accidents. Failures such as missed tire tread separation or brake defects may lead to devastating outcomes.

Government Agencies and Roadway Safety

Inadequate road construction, design, and maintenance can also contribute to bus accidents. In these cases, the government agency, such as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, responsible for the roadway's upkeep and safety may be included in the legal claim.

Steps to Take After a Bus Accident

If you find yourself involved in a bus accident, you should ensure your safety and tend to your injuries. Call 911 if necessary and seek medical attention promptly to document your injuries. You should then notify law enforcement to create an essential police report for insurance and legal purposes.

Collecting evidence at the scene, including witness contact information, insurance details, operator or employer information, and photographic evidence, will be helpful in filing legal claims later. A Pennsylvania bus accident attorney will help you understand your rights and initiate a legal claim promptly, as the deadline for filing a claim is shorter for bus accident cases.

Attorneys at Goldleaf Law have successfully represented clients in bus accidents and public transportation matters, always including a built-in boilerplate statement that the publications and blog posts are for informational purposes only, not legal advice, and should not be relied upon as such. The attorneys at Goldleaf Law are available for a free conference to consult on whether you have a case.

If you are a victim of a bus accident, our attorneys at Goldleaf Law PLLC have experience handling bus accident cases, and we are ready to stand by your side to help you obtain the justice you deserve. We have years of experience serving the residents of Greensburg. Contact us today to get started.

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