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Gun Trusts 

Why a Gun Trust? 

In the United States and in each state, there are numerous laws affecting your ability to possess and transfer certain types of weapons. Federal law, specifically the National Firearms Act (NFA), calls these “firearms,” but not every gun is a firearm under federal and state law and not everything called a firearm under the law is even a gun!

It is therefore no surprise that, if you want to transfer firearms to any person at any time, you can run into several problems, each and every time. How can we avoid some of this hassle? Think of a gun trust like a legally created, imaginary gun safe. A gun trust keeps your firearms secure, but allows you and nearly anyone you choose to access them, at nearly any time, even after the original owner has passed on. Most importantly, NFA compliant gun trusts can keep the government away from your firearms, in many ways.

At the Greensburg, Pennsylvania firm of Goldleaf Law we can assist you with all aspects of gun trusts.

What are some common reasons why you should consider an NFA compliant gun trust?

  • You have “firearms,” as defined by the NFA and you want several people to have full, legal access to the firearms at any time, without the need and cost of repeated transfers.

  • You want to bequeath your firearms when you pass on but want to avoid having your guns go through probate court (when you pass on, gun trusts can avoid the government entirely).

  • You want to bequeath your firearms when you pass on but want to avoid estate taxes and transfer issues with the firearms.

  • You want to shield yourself or loved ones from having firearms confiscated, should you or one of your loved ones become a prohibited person under federal or state law.

  • You want to avoid government questioning about whether you own firearms.

For these and many other reasons, an NFA compliant gun trust is an invaluable tool for both firearms collectors and everyday gun owners. These days, you can’t be too careful. Contact us to see whether a gun trust is the right option for your needs.

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